Microsoft issues workaround for Internet Explorer bug

Microsoft has issued a work around for the security problem within internet explorer including an illustrated walk-through. Here is the walk-through guide SAN FRANCISCO — While a patch has not yet been issued, Microsoft has posted instructions on how users can protect the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer against a security flaw announced over the weekend. The security flaw allows attackers to slip malicious code into an innocuous website, using a compromised file. Continue Reading….

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The Fix for Apple’s Scary OS X Security Flaw Is Here

Apple has prepared a fix for the scary OS X security flaw that lets somebody with “privileged access” to your network connection get at information you think is secure. It’s in the App Store now. Here’s what you need to know about the fix. An Apple spokesperson has confirmed that the 10.9.2 update addresses SSL in OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks. The update is slow to show up in the web iTunes listing for OS X, but if you fire up the App Store on your Mac it will find the update. Click here to read the full story.

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Network Security Is Extremely Important

We constantly speak to each of our customers about the importance of employee training, network and physical security measures and best practices. This article on FoxNews is a great example of the very real threat that exists for all Businesses regardless of their size. We recommend that everyone be cognizant that the threat is a great one and take steps & measures to help prevent this. Small firm hit by 3-year hacking campaign puts face on growing cyber problem

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