In an effort to stop this virus from spreading, we are sending out a bulletin to advise you to be extremely cautious if you receive an email from USPS/FEDEX/UPS or DHL regarding a failed delivery attempt.

The email appears to be valid and looks very convincing, however it is a virus that will render your computer unusable and cause it to continuously reboot. To date only four anti-virus clients have detected it, and even they do not stop all of its effects.

If you have received a similar email, DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT! Simply delete the message and ignore any similar messages. For those of you who are on our email platform, we have taken steps on the server to eliminate these from making it to your mailbox, you may see them in your quarantine manager, THEY ARE NOT SAFE, please do not mark them as valid.

If you have infected your computer, please visit our online support portal, open a ticket and our technicians will respond immediately.

The email message will look similar to below: