Hendrick Lexus in Pleasanton, California is the premier Lexus dealership in the San Francisco Bay area. They know that a positive experience at the dealership can bring big dividends in customer loyalty and sales. To that end, they wanted to upgrade and modernize their showroom. Systems integrator Interlock Tech Solutions designed a dazzling 32-foot video wall that captures the attention of the customer as soon as they walk in, and keeps it with vibrant content. The dealership is able to customize the content with such things as the latest Lexus models, specific car features, and immersive “road tests” where the viewing customer feels like they are in the car. The system can also channel local and national media feeds for sports, news broadcasts and special programming. The screens are powered by a Galileo processor, an ideal solution for applications where business owners want to be able to change the size, position and content of what is being shown, on the fly. It reinforces the dealership’s culture of providing an exceptional customer experience, improves customer engagement, and enhances Lexus brand loyalty, all factors which drive sales.


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