Interlock Tech Solutions is positioned to serve as an extended part of your dental practice. We under-stand that a one-size-fits all solution is not the answer to your technology needs. We’ll examine your unique environment and design a system which performs optimally today as well as being scalable to future improvements and the growth of your practice.

Interlock Tech Solutions also knows that security is of paramount importance when dealing with the privacy of patients’ personal information. We handle the nuts and bolts of HIPAA compliance includ-ing storage and access control, firewalls, encryption, virus protection, etc. While data backups are an important part of any business, we also understand the urgent need to recover that data quickly in the event of hardware or power failures. Restoration of patient charts, billing info, appointment schedules, etc. must be planned for to minimize disruption when patients are on the phone or in the chair.

 When it comes to network design, we’ll ensure that you have the right components for maximum productivity. Desktop computers, laptops, servers, printers, paging systems, wireless equipment, TV monitors, telephone/VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), fiber-optic cabling, and Cloud services are all things you may require for both on-site and remote access, and we’ll ensure they’re compatible with your imaging and office management software. Our up-to-the-minute knowledge of sources and pricing for such components can save you time and money in both the short and long terms.

No technology solution is ever really “done.” Performing updates and patches in a timely manner is also important for enhancing functionality and preventing security breaches. We can help with this also.

In all of these ways, partnering with Interlock Tech Solutions can help cut down on your operational costs while increasing efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. Let us evaluate the challeng-es and bottlenecks your office may be facing. With your budget in mind, we’ll develop a roadmap to get you back on track.


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